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ST series single-phase A.C. Synchronous generator

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  • Brand: mindong eleceric/网赌最佳平台 十大-网赌平台最好
  • Type: ST series
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ST series


MINDONG brand ST single - phase synchronous generators have been awarded the national gold medal in recognition of their superiority in quality . ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small Capacity , which Supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships , for house hold electric devices used in towns or villages . The construction of the generators is of dripproof , salient pole rotating field self excitation and constant voltage type . The alternator interior is used with high quality electric magnetic and electrical materials . Stator insulation is class B . These generators are elegant in appearance , tight in construction and easy maintain . IEC standard are adopted on dimension , these dimension are Suitable for using in Australia . Europe , America and Other countries with the end covers to be model B .

The generators adopt harmonic wave self - excitaion constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system , both of them have excellent dynamic characteristic performance , convenient and reliable in operation .

Technical parameters


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